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A short drive in the Southern Hemisphere


The Australian Outback -blog and photos

We arrived in Perth on 02FEB09 and got picked up at the airport by Pete and Louise. Florence didn't arrive in Freemantle until 03MAR09 and was required to undergo Customs and Quarantine Inspections (and "cleaning") then after some minor repairs and modifications were completed, she was ready to go by 23MAR09. We will set off on our tour of the outback via WAVE ROCK and the Holland Track.  As previously written, the flavour of this Australian section was definitely "The Wilderness" (with a dash of tropical splendour thrown at the North End).  We managed to avoid getting bitten or stung badly by anything nasty (just scratches and flesh wounds).  Our route plans changed by the day and we finally decided on a criss-cross route going North-East, then West and South-East but changed again once we got started...

Originally we had considered just circum-navigating the island but that would mean missing a few highlights including Ayres Rock and the Gunbarrel Highway, so we "played it by ear" and went where the wind blew us, and managed to avoid most of the rains and fires too. Our approximate route is displayed below; a very erratic approach without any easily recognisable route or plan. We'll save the South-East for another time.

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