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A short drive in the Southern Hemisphere




Just a few links that we found helpful or to companies, organisations or individuals that we found useful or helpful during our planning and/or execution of the Journey. We did not solicit sponsorship or freebies in return for any recommendations, so if we mention an item it is because we have used it and we'll give our honest opinion of it. The list will continue to grow as I upload some of the many links that I have saved.


Iridium Sat Phones

We carried an Iridium Satellite telephone in Florence. As a single vehicle often travelling in remote areas it was primarily a back-up device for safety and reassurance, however, we found the call tariff surprisingly reasonable and sometimes used it for routine calls, emails and blog updates. We bought from GComm and had our airtime contract through them, they were very helpful throughout.


Evereyone has their favourite GPS device nowadays, we started with a Garmin 45 in 1996 and used a standard Nuvi in 2009. Using a Garmin (with Mapsource) you can obtain quality free maps of almost anywhere in the world.

Full Metal Jacket

Heavy duty pedal lock to make your Landy secure.

Narrowboat Windows

Worcester Marine Windows fabricated our large side window to our supplied dimensions and preferences, they also supplied tailor made shutters and double glazing panels. Excellent service!

Safari-Equip fuel tanks

We bought a number of items from Safari-Equip including the radiator and headlight protection and the underslung fuel and water tanks.



RAC Carnet

Paul McGowan is an absolute star and did so much for overlanders, apparently he has now moved on within the RAC and will be missed by us all.



Shipping can be a minefield, be careful when choosing an agent, be definite about what you want and get detailed answers to your questions. And, be aware you will always have to pay at the docks to retrieve your vehicle at the destination.



Tracks 4 Africa

South African National Parks



So many people told us that there is no way that we'd get our vehicle into Australia for any number of reasons; however, we didn't listen too hard to them, did our own research and had no troubles at all. The Australian authorities have strict import regulations but very friendly and helpful people in both the Customs and AQIS. Read the information on the websites, comply with the regulations and you'll have no problems, and remember "their country - their rules!"

Australia Tourist Info

Australian Customs

AQIS Quarantine

Bringing your car to Oz

Helpful Australian Automobile Association website giving advice on temporarily importing your vehicle to Australia.

Northern Territory

If you are going to travel through Aborigine Territory in Western Australia or NT, don't forget that you may need to get a permit issued depending on the reserve, number of vehicles and duration of transit or stay.


S America

Minuteman Pizza in Uyuni, Bolivia

The best pizza in the Southern Hemisphere!


127/130 LAnd Rover Ambulance Owners and Enthusiasts Forum

A web based club of like-minded ambulance owners who meet up once a year at the Land Rover show, inspect each others' modifications and continue to plan the long awaited club convoy to Mongolia.

Africa Overland Network

THe portal to many overlanding stories and websites.

Nessies Adventures

A really excellent website full of useful information compiled by Dave and Rose during their travels by Land Rover and Mercedes in Asia and South America.